Believe in the vision of yourself.
Hold on to faith, let go of fear.
Thoughts become things.

No three mantras hold a more dearer place in my heart than these. They're the inspirational words I cling to when I feel like an absolute mess (which happens more than I'd like to admit). Which brings me to...

I created this digital space to share my messiness, not just all the good stuff, because let's face it - we have enough perfectly filtered blogs and pictures to browse. My goal is to inspire you to live in your truth by living in mine.

My mama named me Rachel, but I switched it up to RAE to be cute. You know how that goes. I started my first blog,, back in 2013 when I needed a creative outlet and a space to write down all of my thoughts. It quickly turned into an online diary of sorts, where I dished out mantras, quotes, and posts to inspire you to live your best life.


But something was off. I stopped writing about things I loved and started doing what I thought I needed to do to be successful. I was caught up in the blog rat race. Everyone was churning out content like it was no one's business - whipping together worksheets, creating courses, selling this, selling that. I tried to keep up, I really did. But, it wasn't authentic to me so I couldn't be consistent. Authenticity = Consistency #MajorKeyAlert

So, I stopped. I completely walked away feeling burnt out, frustrated, confused, and very much sad. I needed some time to disconnect from everything - social media, blogs, emails, workshops, all of it. Countless late night deep-thinking sessions, I decided to create a space with the same core values as before, but to do it my way this time - to share all of me through:

meaningful writing // poems // music // feel good freebies

This is a place where self-discovery is encouraged and a little messiness is celebrated.



You'll love this blog if:

  • you're ready to be happy (because happiness is a choice)
  • you're ready to be inspired (because we all need a little push)
  • you're ready to be honest (because it's time to live in your truth)
  • you're ready to grow (because who wants to stay stuck forever?)

Want to know more about me?

I'm a cat lady, socially awkward, and can live off of chocolate + rice only. Swear. Besides writing words online, I am a songwriter and singer (my first project will be released soon!). Business, music, and writing are my passions in life, which is why I created this site and also my new venture HONEYLIFEMEDIA. I live in beautiful Los Angeles, which inspires a lot of my writing. Also, I'm obsessed with Hawaii - and the ocean in general - and am going to have my own little cafe on the islands in the future. (Thoughts become things, remember?)

Oh yeah, let's be friends!

All social media @xoalwaysrae (Spotify is @lovealwaysrae). You can also reach me at