lost in you

so this is what happiness feels like
I get lost in your lips
tasting the sweet taste of your skin
as the touch of your skin reminds me that I am alive
always getting closer, never wanting to pull away

and so this is what happiness looks like
always lost in your eyes
shining brighter than the moon and stars at night
a whole new world, I can’t help but stare
pulling me in deeper, never wanting to look away

so I guess this is happiness
they say happiness is reserved only for the lucky
I guess I got lucky then
because I found happiness when I became lost in you

keep me safe, my friend
hold me tight, don’t lose your grip
but if you should ever let go
if we should ever slip and let our hearts fall
our bond broken, back to reality
know even separated we’ll be fine
no, rather we’ll be found
but who wants to be found when they can be lost

may I forever be graced with the light in your heart
and the beauty in your soul
this is now our reality
a new reality filled with the sensations of love

yes, this is happiness
and happiness is you

I am now one of the lucky ones
I am now happiness because I am lost in you.