10 Podcasts Creative Solopreneurs Will Love!

10 Podcasts Creative Solopreneurs Will Love!, from xoalwaysrae.com

I'm brand new to the podcast world but man am I glad that I discovered it. I remember a few years ago when podcasts seemed like a foreign land, reserved only for the most distinguished of individuals. It felt like no one was talking about them and everyone was just focused on traditional blogging.

Come back to present time and podcasts are changing the way we learn and consume information. They're the perfect tool for the person on the go or even the person that doesn't want to stare at a screen for hours reading and researching. The topics are plentiful, ranging from business, wellness, relationships, tech stuff, and everything in between. 

Simply, I loooooove them.

Because I am so brand new to podcasting, I'm still discovering new ones every day, but I wanted to share a few I found that really have made an impact, specifically in entrepreneurship. As I continue to explore what it means to be a creative solopreneur in the digital space, listening to podcast interviews of other women entrepreneurs is incredibly inspiring. Also, I know a lot of you out there have a side hustle and are looking to start your dream business, so I wanted to share the wealth of some seriously motivating podcasts that I've been loving and I hope you'll enjoy, too:

1. Kate's Take

This is one of my absolute favorites because of how actionable the tips are and how focused each episode is. Kate Erickson, one half of the wildly popular Entrepreneur on Fire website, shares step-by-step in-depth lessons that you can apply in your business life right now to help you be more productive and successful on your journey as an entrepreneur. The best part? There's no fluff or filler information. Every episode is short and to the point, and I enjoy that there aren't lenghty intervews (there's other podcasts below for that!). Bonus: There are six seasons, so the business info on here is endless!

Episodes i love + i think you will, too: "how to make this your most productive year ever", "it's not just one of those day", and "what it means to be productive"


2. be real podcast

I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking at Squarespace template designs and Be Real was one of the suggested websites. This is also the podcast where I got introduced to Kate's Take, so extra points for that one. Now the bummer here is that there hasn't been a new episode since May of 2016 but there's still some really great content to be enjoyed, 30 episodes to be exact. Each episode is an interview with some crazy inspiring creatives from all different fields. Alexandra Cadiz, the host, even provides shorter audioblogs that gives you her actionable advice based on the interviews in previous episodes. And who knows, maybe it will come back better than before, but even without being updated it's still too amazing not to check out!

Episodes i love + i think you will, too: "achieving your dream in an unexpected way", "How to Put your idea into action", and "starting before it's perfect"


3. Being Boss

I feel like I'm totally late to the club with this one! The hilarious hosts Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are teaching boss babes everywhere the mindset, habits, and tactics needed to be a successful creative entrepreneur. Their vibe together is infectious and they make you want to be better and do more. I love that some episodes are just them discussing a topic that a listener asked while others are interviews with hugely successful businesswoman in creative fields. Their banter plus honesty makes this podcast an easy listen all while gaining knowledge on how to rock your business a little bit more. Downside: Some of the advice is geared towards entrepreneurs who have already been running their business for awhile making the content not as relevant or helpful for us start up entrepreneurs. 

Episodes I love + I think you will, too: "MArie forleo on productivity & intuition", "Monetizing passion projects", and "Coaching vs doing"


4. The Marie Forleo Podcast

I seriously think Marie is my spirit animal, although she's a woman not an animal, but you know what I mean. Maybe I should say that she is my business girl crush. Everything she says resonates with me to my core and has given me some serious "aha" moments. Her podcast is all about helping you become the person you want to be, sharing strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. What I love is how real and down to earth she is, despite building one of the largest online business schools, B-School. I could go on and on but I strongly encourage you to check this one out for yourself. Bonus: Oprah loves her, so that says it all in my opinion. 

Episodes I love + I think you will, too: (All of them, LOL!) "The 4-minute method to massive productivity", "The power of following your fear", and "How to pursue all your passions without looking flaky"


5. Side Hustle Pro

This is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to really take their passion project and turn it into profitable business, all while keeping their day job. Nicaila Matthews is a wonderful host (she's the Senior Manager of Social Marketing for NPR by day and is a side hustler at night) and she focuses on interviewing black women entrepreneurs that provide insight on how to develop a business while having a 9-5. Bonus: All of the interviews are engaging and have a sense of sisterhood and warmth, a welcomed change of pace from sometimes boring + dry business podcasts. 

Episodes I love + I think you will, too: "How to Know When it's time to quit, the most efficient way to market your side hustle, & more" and "The Business of Baking with Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes"


6. Dreams in Drive

I love the concept of this podcast: it's all about "taking your dreams out of park and into drive". Fab! The host is Rana Campbell and is a marketing/branding expert herself but to add extra value she brings in guests that share their insights on entrepreneurship, community, hustle, identity/purpose, and more. Bonus: Each episode (there's 83 of them so far!) borders on about an hour, which means that you're getting a lot of information that I suggest taking notes on. Rana knows her stuff! 

Episodes I love + I think you will, too: "On figuring it all out (when your dreams don't go as planned)", "Staying in drive-how to successfully launch & market your dream", and "Perfecting your hustle & turning your obsession into a business"


7. The Goal Digger

I'm not sure what I'm in love with more: Jenna Kutcher's podcast or her irresistible website I came across! Both are chock full of business advice, but broken down in such a way that all of us start up entrepreneurs can understand without feeling silly for not knowing a fancy business/marketing term. Each episode has a heart-centered focus and is designed to be live-workshop style to inspire creative girl bosses to make their dreams a reality. Bonus: The episodes are a nice mix of just Jenna and interviews with other creatives and average about 30 mins. The perfect blend for a business podcast!

Episodes I love + I think you will, too: "10 Tips for launching your next big idea", "understanding your why", and "5 common mistakes you're making on your website"


9. make it happen

I've been receiving Jen Carrington's Weekly Letters for a couple years now (I strongly suggest you sign up for them too - they're my favorite emails to receive from any creative/blogger!) so I knew I had to check out her podcast. Just like her emails, her podcast focuses on inspiring you, not just from a business perspective, but from a wellbeing/self-care perspective. She makes you think and dig deep and has a way of making you tap into your deepest desires and listen to your soul to figure out what you really want out of your business. I truly believe she's one of the most overlooked inspiring creatives out there because of how quietly she works (which is intentional). Bonus: Besides being wildly inspiring, her English accent makes me swoon and makes me want to listen even more!

Episodes i love + i think you will, too: "Five Reminders for big-hearted creatives who are feeling the business blues right now", "the things that get in the way of big-hearted living & working", and "five mantras to help you choose abundance over scarcity in your creative business"


10. she did it her way

Lastly is Amanda Boleyn's podcast made especially for creative female entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help more women succeed and break into the business world, and with each value packed episode she's doing just that. There's features from top women business owners in various fields that share their tips + tricks on how to design a company that you'll love. Bonus: Amanda doesn't just focus on her guest's business background; she really digs deep so we feel close to each guest and get a full perspective on how they got to where they are now. 

episodes i love + I think you will, too: "How to create a lifestyle change with your product", "When your crazy idea isn't so crazy", and "How to gain confidence to reach ultimate fulfillment"

So there you have it girl bosses. I hope you enjoy these suggestions and they inspire you to make those dreams a reality. Please let me know what other podcasts you're loving these days, I would love to know! 


xo always, RAE