The Productivity Hack That Will Forever Change How You Create To-Do Lists (and helps you finish them, too!) + A Free Downloadable Daily Planner

The Productivity Hack That Will Forever Change How You Create To-Do Lists (and helps you finish them, too!) + A FREE Downloadable Daily Planner

I love a good to-do list. They make me feel ultra organized and on top of my game. There’s no greater satisfaction than crossing out each item as I finish them, but there’s also no greater anxiety than looking at my long list of things I need to get done and feeling like I don’t have enough time for it all.

Insert intense feelings of overwhelm and stress here.

I also had a bad habit of skipping around my to-do list, starting tasks simultaneously without finishing them one by one. Although I called this being productive, it actually was inefficiency in disguise. By jumping around tasks, I ended up doing a lot but not completing much. I once thought multi-tasking was what you’re supposed to do if you want to be a #girlboss until I realized that laser sharp focus would get me further in life.

With “intention and completion” being one of my New Year Resolutions, I knew it was time to find an improved method to be more productive.

Which brings me to the only way I actually get $#*! done nowadays. I truly am so excited to share this with you all because it has changed my hustle + grind mode forevaaa: 

The Ivy Lee Method

The Ivy Lee Method is all about prioritization and completion. The kicker is that you can only put six tasks on your daily to-do list. Yes, you read that right – ONLY. SIX. TASKS.

I know, I know, I can feel you yelling at me through your screen, “Only six things per day? Do you know how busy my life is and how much I need to get done? How is this going to make me more productive? How Sway?!”

Don’t trip, you know ya girl got you. I promise that if you follow this method your productivity and sense of accomplishment will go up tremendously all while saying bye-bye to being frazzled and overwhelmed.

Oh, and by the way did I mention you can download a FREE daily planner for your to-do lists using the ivy lee method?

Free Downloadable Weekly To-Do List Planner


Download your freebie above and learn about how to use the Ivy Lee Method below:

- 1 -

At the end of your work day, write out a list that consists of the six most important tasks you need to accomplish the following day.

- 2 -

Then, number each of those tasks from 1 to 6, with 1 being considered the most important task to complete right away.

- 3 -

The next day, start with your first task and continue to work on it until it is complete. It is important to not move on to the second task until the first one is done. Continue working on and completing each task on your list. . .

- 4 -

If you still have a task (or tasks) left at the end of the day, do not fret!

- 5 -

At the end of the day, create a new list and carry over any leftover tasks from that day

- 6 -

Repeat the process every day and watch as your productivity soars!

Ps. I forgot to mention that what I really love about this method is it takes away the guesswork of what you need to get done that day. Since you make the list the night before, you wake up with your intentions set knowing exactly what you will accomplish without wasting any time. How much better can it get?


Leave me a comment here or find me on social media (@xoalwaysrae) and let me know if you tried this method or what other tips you have for getting things done. I would love to hear!



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