Stuck on You

Stuck on You by RAE

I feel like I've been stuck on you for ages now

I can never seem to let go, not even a little bit

The times that I fool myself into thinking that I have

I'm always right back next to you, even more attached than I was before

Why? Is it me? Is it you? Is it the fire between us?

Maybe it's the burn that causes so much pain but yet we still try to ignore it

It's so many things, I know

It's too many things, you know

I'm drowning being stuck to you

I'm suffocating being stuck on you

I'm screaming but no one can hear cause I'm still stuck on you

How many tears will it take? How much hurt can my heart hold?

I haven't reached my limit yet...or maybe I'm so far past it that I'm numb

Pushing away harder now, pushing against your skin, your heart, your soul

Using all my force to push, push, push

So I can get unstuck from you

But you're so sticky and it's hard to release 



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