How To Find Your Morning Routine and Why It's So Important For Your Mental Health

How To Find Your Morning Routine and Why It's So Important For Your Mental Health

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the fuel you need to be the bawse babe that you are and helps nourish your body during those crucial morning hours.

Just as eating breakfast every morning is good for your body, creating a morning routine is invaluable for your mental health.

What exactly is a morning routine, you ask? It consists of the habitual activities that are completed before midday, which can include journaling to yoga and everything in between. Basically, having a solid (and consistent!) morning routine is extremely important because it is your opportunity to create success for your mind, body, and soul throughout the day.

Currently, my morning routine consists of:

Setting intentions

The night prior, I create my to-do list for the day (this method is the best, ya’ll!). The next morning, I quickly review that list in my head as well as stating what my overall intentions are for the day. Normally they are simple; focus, be productive, finish to-do list, check in with family, get outside and walk…It’s my way of creating clarity and checking in with myself, similar to what you do with a team at your job at the beginning of a work day.

Expressing gratitude

Even though my day has just begun, I like to find one or two things that made me smile that morning. Again, it’s the little things, like being thankful that the sun is out or that my fridge actually has food in it (the adulting struggle can be so real sometimes). This creates a positive mindset, which makes it harder for any negativity to throw me off of my game during the day.

Drinking two cups of hot lemon water before breakfast

 This is my favorite part. The warmth of the water combined with the cleansing effects of the lemon makes my body feel pure and healthy. It also makes me smile when I use my beloved Wendy William’s mug (that show is my guilty pleasure….don’t judge…I can feel you judging…)

 *I’m still working on adding exercise to my routine, as well as breaking the habit of not using my phone right when I wake up. By enforcing a phone-free zone for the first 30 minutes and using that time to work out instead, I know I’ll feel more centered and clear-headed.

Okay, here comes the #honestybomb: I have been consistently inconsistent with my morning routine and it has been throwing my emotions all the way off. However, I’ve noticed that the days that I stick to my routine I feel more energized and actually excited to get up and get out. The days that I slip away from my normal routine are the days that my productivity levels are low and I feel crappy. Why? Because missing my intended wake up time and not accomplishing my morning goals makes me feel lazy and undisciplined, which then causes a bunch of unwanted negative self-talk, low self-esteem, etc. It creates a bad cycle that can be totally avoided if I just stuck to what I know makes me happy…which brings me to you…

I know first hand how important a morning routine is for emotional success. If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety or depression, finding your ideal routine can help you tremendously with manifesting stability and comfort in your life.

Here’s how to create your own morning routine:

  • Figure out how much time you have in the morning before you need to get to work or begin your daily responsibilities. This will allow you to design a routine that is realistic which will help you be more consistent

  • Set your desired wake up time. If you want to start waking up earlier, make sure to do it in stages. It’s truly tough trying to go from waking up at 8am to 5am within a day.

  • Identify three small things that make you feel fulfilled and joyful. These items will become part of your daily morning routine. Some wonderful ideas are journaling, reading, meditating, walking outside, stretching, connecting with a family member or friend, etc.

  • Write down your morning routine, including your desired wake up time and activities to be completed. This will create accountability. You can always add to your list as you become more comfortable with your routine

Tip: It's important that you only add things to your morning routine that truly make you happy. Don't add anything that will feel like a chore or what you think you should do because you saw it somewhere on Instagram. If you stick to what feels good to you the more likely you'll stick with it. 

The takeaway:

If done continuously, a morning routine can be a powerful tool to produce structure and stability, both of which are key ingredients to a happy spirit. Find the routine that feels the best to you, but don’t fret if you miss a day or two. Tomorrow is another chance to be better :)

Let me know in the comments what your morning routine is and how it makes you feel! I would love to know!


Your biggest cheerleader…

xo always, RAE